Facts about plumbing

TPR Plumbing & Gas specialise in all aspects of plumbing. We've seen it all and learned a lot during the last 15  years. This includes anything from how to repipe an entire home to small details in the hotel to have indoor plumbing. 


We’re dedicated to offering high-quality services and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We can assist you with drain pipe repair, tap or toilet repair or replacement, or Blocked Drain Sydney services. TPR Plumbing & Gas have expert emergency plumber in Perth give you some plumbing facts. Check out some of these amusing plumbing facts - we bet you didn’t previously know most of them.

  • World Plumbing Day: 

Every year on March 11, the world celebrates World Plumbing Day. It's commemorated all around the world with numerous activities that honour the job plumbers undertake to service and maintain our water and sanitation systems.


The day also highlights areas where we can improve and guarantee that everyone has access to safe plumbing systems, as well as availability for an emergency plumber in Perth. These World Plumbing Facts emphasise the necessity of plumbers and the need to always improve our plumbing systems today and in the future.


When you read these numbers, it might be upsetting to realize that much of the globe lack access to adequate drinking water and sanitary services. We are fortunate in Australia to have restrooms in our homes, schools, offices, and public locations. However, in many places of the world, this is not the norm.


While World Plumbing Day is a moment to celebrate plumbers and those affiliated with the profession, it is also a time to work together to improve our plumbing infrastructure. And these World Plumbing Facts illustrate that much more has to be done to guarantee that what we take for granted every day is available to everyone, no matter where they live on the planet.



The term "plumbing" is derived from the Latin word plumbum, which refers to the element lead. This is also why Lead is abbreviated as Pb on the periodic table.


First uses

The Tremont Hotel in Boston became the country’s first hotel to install indoor plumbing in 1829.


Inventions and patents

Alexander Cummings received the first patent for a flushing toilet in 1775. He was not, however, the first person to invent flushing a toilet. This was done in 1596 by a guy named John Harrington, which is why the bathroom is frequently referred to as "the John."


Water waste

Think a dripping faucet isn't a big deal? Consider it again. A faucet that leaks once per second wastes almost 3,000 gallons of water each year. Thus, if your faucet drips, contact a 24 hours plumber in Perth


Toilet usage

During the Super Bowl halftime, the toilet is flushed more times than at any other time of year. 


Plumbing as a career

Albert Einstein stated that if he could do it all over again, he would be a plumber. We provide you the expert emergency plumber in Perth to get your job done right. 


Things that plumbers cleanout of drains on a regular basis

You might be shocked to learn that oil isn't the only item you shouldn't flush down the toilet. In truth, plumbers are frequently summoned for far stranger causes. Bones, spaghetti, grains, and stringy vegetables like celery are among the foods that should never be flushed. You probably flushed some of these down the toilet. If this is the case, don't be shocked if you have to bring in the plumbing in Perth.


Why Is Plumbing Important?

Plumbing is crucial to our health since it increases our life expectancy and greatly improves our living situations. When we think of plumbing, we think of the unpleasant tasks that plumbers must perform, but sanitation services and the upkeep of drinking water supplies keep you and your family healthy. In the perspective of the world, if you have access to clean drinking water and sanitation in your house, you are quite lucky.


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