How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

When you're presented with an away-toilet issue with your Residential Plumbing Service at someone else's home, you do your business, flush, and nothing occurs. Worse, you flush, and the toilet water steadily rises like super-high flood waves. That alone causes worry, but then you examine the bathroom and see that there is no plunger in sight. Don't freak out or throw yourself out a window. Instead, try these strategies.


Fill the sink with hot water


This approach may be used for a blocked toilet at someone else's or your own house, but it's especially beneficial for those of us who are easily embarrassed when we're not at home. To start things flowing again, Perth Plumbers and Gas Fitters recommends pouring hot water into the toilet bowl.


However, the sink will most likely take some time to heat up and provide you with hot enough water to be functional. So, turn it up to full heat.


Use a liquid hand soap or shampoo

Look around for some liquid soap while the water is heating up. Dishwashing liquid is excellent, but since you're locked in the bathroom, you may not be able to find any beneath the sink. Thankfully, liquid hand soap will suffice. In a pinch, shampoo will suffice. Pour a lot of it into the toilet bowl when you find some. It will lubricate whatever is creating the obstruction.


Wait as you pour hot water into the toilet

After you've applied your lubricant, grab a cup or container—use their toothbrush holder if necessary—and begin pouring hot water from the sink into the toilet bowl. Once more, the hotter, the better.


But don't flush just yet! According to Perth plumbers and gas fitters, once you've put as much as you can without risking overflow, it's time to play the waiting game. Hold on tight and let the soap and hot water do their thing.


Repetition followed by a flush

After a short while, the soap should begin to penetrate the obstruction, and you should notice a slight decrease in the water level in the toilet bowl. Add extra liquid soap and hot water, then wait a couple of minutes. You may now use your discretion to determine when it's time to flush. The best-case scenario is that everything goes off without a hitch.


Finally, force it all down.

You might need to physically clear the clog from the toilet if you tried the soap and hot water technique and it didn't work.


If you're really desperate, you could even put your hand in a waste bag. Grab the toilet brush or a wire hanger you can uncoil and start probing down the drain hole. Yes, it will be disgusting, but you can always clean up when the blockage has been removed.


However, if a few flushes of hot water and liquid soap aren't working, bite the bullet and gently ask your host for a plunger. Although a little awkward, you and the host will definitely come out ahead in the end. A backed-up toilet is the single biggest party-killer.

Returning home to a blocked toilet might be the greatest nightmare.

You must make every effort to prevent a barrier from forming in the first place. You may make a weekly check to verify that no blockages form, which will help you avoid future problems. Consider sometimes flushing the bath bombs in the toilet even if you don't observe a true clog. This reduces the likelihood of a block developing in your toilet by half.


When DIY attempts to fix a blocked toilet in Perth fail, contact our Residential Plumbing Service! We can quickly dispatch an emergency plumber to your location.

If you know any better ways for dealing with toilet blockages, please share them with us in the comments.